One Year with Fine Music

It’s now one year since the first post was published at Before that, the first three reviews were published on testsites at Blogspot and WordPress; Mozart: Complete Works for Horn and Orchestra or: good music well presented on 12 October, Glass: Violin Concerto or: one of my favorite violin concertos the day after and Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade and Borodin: Polovitian Dances or: is Beecham always this good? on 3 November 2008. After a while a proper domain was set up and was launched with the first review on 8 March 2009.

As mentioned, the first review was of Mozart’s sublime horn concertos, on the Naxos recording with Michael Thompson. It’s a marvellous disc that also has the benefit of completed fragments and up-to-date editions by scholar John Humphries. Another favorite Mozart interpreter of mine is Sir Neville Marriner, which has recorded all of these concertos at least four times with the Academy and four different soloists. With Barry Tuckwell for EMI (1972), Alan Civil (1973) and Peter Damm (1989) for Philips and David Pyatt on Elatus (1997). Either Marriner never got satisfied with his first three takes on the concertos or he agreed to re-record a favorite repertoire because he knew the recordings would be in demand. From the quality of the performances, I suspect the latter.

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