Marjan Mozetich: The Passion of Angels

Late one evening, while very tired, my attention was gradually cought by some unknown music emerging from the radio. The more I listened, the more impressed I became. It was a work for orchestra and two harpists. The music was very soothing but not without its grand moments. It reminded me a bit of Philip Glass’ works for orchestra, but was less minimalistic and more romantic. The work turned out to be by canadian composer Marjan Mozetich (born 1948) and is titled The Passion of Angels.

The album includes another concerto, for violin, which I also appreciate. It’s named Affairs of the Heart, which is also the album’s title. Then there’s three short works for orchestra named Postcards from the Sky, which are more relaxed. However, to my ears, it’s the concerto for two harps that really stands out.

The performances by CBC Vancouver Orchestra conducted by Mario Bernardi are excellent. The same applies to soloists Juliette Kang (violin), Nora Bumanis, and Julia Shaw (harps).

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